Marriott International European Convention Network


Some of the best deals can be found at our conference hotels and resorts in Marriott's European Convention Network. Select your dates and uncover unbelievable value by contacting Pauline


Hotel nameMonthDatesGroup room rates starting at
Czech Republic   
Prague Marriott HotelApril - JuneGuest rooms only135.00 €
AC Hotel Bella Sky CopenhagenApril20/04-24/04Upon request
AC Hotel Bella Sky CopenhagenMay04/05-07/05Upon request
Paris Marriott Rive GaucheApril06/04-18/04169.00 €
Paris Marriott Rive GaucheApril19/04-03/05189.00 €
Frankfurt Marriott HotelApril04/04-19/04139.00 €
Frankfurt Marriott HotelApril26/04-02/05169.00 €
Frankfurt Marriott HotelMay17/05-24/05159.00 €
Sheraton Frankfurt Airport HotelApril - Juneall weekends - Fri, Sat, Sun99.00 €
Sheraton Frankfurt Airport HotelApril06/04-17/0499.00 €
The Westin Grand MunichApril03/04-20/04139.00 €
The Westin Grand MunichJuneExcept UEFA Euro 2020 game dates in Munich169.00 €
Sheraton Munich ArabellaparkApril03/04-20/04129.00 €
Sheraton Munich ArabellaparkJuneExcept UEFA Euro 2020 game dates in Munich159.00 €
The Westin Resort Costa NavarinoApril06/04-16/04 & 20/04-29/04190.00 €
The Westin Resort Costa NavarinoMay04/05-31/05230.00 €
Sheraton Rhodes ResortApril27/04-16/0597.00 €
Budapest Marriott HotelApril06/04-18/04 & 27/04-30/04195.00 €
Budapest Marriott HotelMay04/05-08/05225.00 €
Budapest Marriott HotelJune02/06-10/06225.00 €
Rome Marriott Park HotelAprilApril115.00 €
Rome Marriott Park HotelMayMay140.00 €
Rome Marriott Park HotelJuneJune140.00 €
Sheraton Milan MalpensaApril - JuneApril - June109.00 €
The Westin Dragonara ResortApril02/04-05/04 & 20/04-30/04180.00 €
Le Meridien Beach Plaza - MonacoApril04/04-09/04 & 20/04-24/04195.00 €
Le Meridien Beach Plaza - MonacoMay11/05-20/05195.00 €
Le Meridien Beach Plaza - MonacoJune10/06-30/06195.00 €
Lisbon Marriott HotelApril - JuneApril - June119.00 €
JW Marriott Bucharest GrandApril-Juneall weekends - Fri, Sat, Sun90.00 €
JW Marriott Bucharest GrandApril09/04–22/0490.00 €
AC Barcelona ForumApril06/04-18/04129.00 €
AC Barcelona ForumMay01/05-03/05159.00 €
AC Barcelona ForumJune11/06-15/06 & 18/06-21/06159.00 €
Hotel Arts BarcelonaAprilApril195.00 €
Hotel Arts BarcelonaMayMay295.00 €
Hotel Arts BarcelonaJuneJune325.00 €
W BarcelonaAprilApril225.00 €
W BarcelonaMayMay265.00 €
W BarcelonaJuneJune295.00 €
The Ritz-Carlton, AbamaMay-JuneMay-June160.00 €
United Kingdom   
London Heathrow MarriottAprilApril139.00 £
London Heathrow MarriottMay04/05-10/05139.00 £
London Heathrow MarriottMay25/05-31/05139.00 £
Sheraton Skyline Heathrow HotelApril - June07/04-05/05 & 11/05-30/05£129 & £99 weekends

Dates and rates are subject to availability and may change. Please check with Pauline Bronkhorst to confirm date availability and to learn about additional available dates.

Last update to this page was made in August 2019.